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Hang Out & Learn From Our Cohort Of Respected Peers

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Introductory Mycology

for the Curious Naturalist

We hope you enjoy the recording of this virtual presentation with Bill Bakaitis, retired from Dutchess Community College, on mushrooms and fungi. You will learn the biology of mushrooms, the lifecycles of fungi, and common mushrooms that can be found in the Hudson Valley of New York State.

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Mycology Microscopy

For Identification

The basics of mycology microscopy. This lecture covers the basics of microscopy to identify unknown fungi samples. 

Topics covered include:

- Microscopy tools and software

- Sample prep

- Mycology species keys

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Mycology 101

In this video, we will go through the steps most commonly utilized by professional and amateur mycologists to identify unknown specimens. We also describe several methods of cataloging your findings on digital platforms for the sake of scientific use.

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How To Inoculate Grain Jars With A  Spore Syringe

We tell you exactly what you'll need to inject your spores into grain jars to make mushroom spawn. You'll learn proper protocols, the material you'll need, the process and what to do once you've completed this step. (Mush Respect)

DIY HEPA Flowhood Design

How to build a flowhood at home and what to consider before building one.

Colors Of Microbiology

Decoding Colored Agar Plates

These folks at Fresh From The Farm Fungi in Colorado are AWESOME!    Mush Respect!

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