A note on Mycology and mushrooms in our lives.

Updated: Apr 29

When you first get started with growing the delicious mushroom friends you experience many states of wonder. It is magic to watch a clutch of lion's mane spore expand into a little neural network in your sterile jar of nutrient (sugar) water. It is wondrous to squirt a Blue Oyster Spore into a bag of sterile substrate and watch the shape of the milky-way begin to take shape and then expand with acceleration toward the boundaries. Is dark matter at-play here too. Does as above-so below equal as within is with-out. Consider the infinity symbol as toroid viewed through the lens of a sinusoid. This mycelial burst, is the life. This is a part of the birth. The substrate contracts. Primordia form. You slice the bag and the oxygen entices the mushroom fruit body to burst out. So life bursts forth. You observe different organic forms that you recognize. Throats, ears, sometimes a digital appendage looking lobe, it grows like us but faster. There are philosophical connections to be made. So You sit with them and consider them with a respectful appreciation, knowing that if you pay attention they will share their secrets.

Its apt at this place in time to consider the Art of Nature, the latent power there in and furthermore how re-unite that , in our collective consciousness with the edu-intellectual cultural-consumables of our society, ie. the Artifice of Nature. There is a divide and there is a way to bridge the gap. That way is through the observation of natures laws. What is being said here is that our understanding of nature, is Not nature. Nature is the teacher and at our greatest we are but adoring students. You are the answer to us understanding the future. Think about that. Your observations, your realizations, your human stretch is happening now. Welcome to the journey and remember that the map is not the territory. When you know the territory you will no longer cling to the map. To wit; blessings on that journey.

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