How to Build a Mushroom Incubation Chamber and Why.

Updated: Apr 29

An mushroom incubation chamber is a dark, enclosed stabilized temperature environment where your mycelium can grow undisturbed for up to 2 weeks at a time.

Why do I need one of these when I could just toss them under the sink in the bathroom?

Cleanliness, ease of access, environmental control are three of the most obvious reasons.

When you have a dedicated incubation chamber your success rate goes up dramatically. When your beginning in the slightly occult, mildly complicated world of mycology you can use every advantage that you can get. Not only does your success rate go up but any jars or bags that are contaminated can be more easily isolated and removed.

Following the short list of items required to start your own 4-Unit Incubation Chamber set-up will provide you with an adequate amount of space for an enthusiastic beginner or intermediate mycologist to start kicking production into gear. For those mycologists living in regions where the laws permit growing the p. cubensis variety of medicinal mushrooms, you will find they tend to have similar requirements to that of Agaricus Bisporus. (See Chart Below)

  1. 4 Iris File Boxes with Lid

  2. 4 Seedling Heat Mats w/ Thermostat

Below is a chart that describes the ideal temperatures for some of the more common edible fungi.

Once you have the items its pretty simple.

1) Connect your thermostat to the seedling heating mat and place the thermostat probe on the inside of the file box.

2) Place the Seedling Heating mat under the file box.

3) Repeat for each incubation chamber

4) Place your inoculated jars and spawn bags into the incubator and don't disturb for at least 10 days.

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