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  • How to Build a Mushroom Incubation Chamber and Why.

    An mushroom incubation chamber is a dark, enclosed stabilized temperature environment where your mycelium

  • SGFC TEK: Build The Absolute Best Shotgun Fruiting Chamber for Mushrooms

    This method requires fresh air flow to move around the myceliated brick on all sides. Mycelium does not require oxygen but mushrooms do require fresh air and oxygen. The lighting tells the mycelium where to pin and then which direction to grow.

  • Monotub TEK: Make the Best Fully-Automated Monotub Fruiting Chamber

    Step 2: Make Fresh Air-Exchange Holes (FAE) Mycelium requires reduced temperatures plus an increase in themselves require lower temperatures and increased oxygen levels compared to the levels required by mycelium Place a myceliated brick of x,y,z strain into your monotub and forget about for a week.

  • A note on Mycology and mushrooms in our lives.

    This mycelial burst, is the life. This is a part of the birth. The substrate contracts.

  • Introduction to Mycology

    Approximately 20 percent of the C albicans yeast cell wall is mannan, whereas the mycelial cell wall Blastomyces dermatitidis The conversion of the mycelial form of Blastomyces dermatitidis to the large In contrast, the mycelial cell wall contains 60 percent (β1–3)-glucan and 40 percent (α1 -3)-glucan . During the second stage of the mycelial-to-yeast conversion, cysteine or other sulfhydryl-containing Paracoccidioides brasiliensis A great deal of work has been done with the mycelial-to-yeast conversion